Manufacturing in Africa

'Made in Africa, by Africans, for Africans'

Olyset Net is a vital tool in the fight against malaria.

In Africa, a child dies from malaria every 40 seconds. The first WHO-recommended LLIN to be manufactured in Africa, Olyset Net started production in Africa in 2003 when Sumitomo Chemical provided a royalty-free technology license to A to Z Textile Mills in Arusha, Tanzania, and expanded in 2008 with the official opening of a 50:50 joint venture factory. This expanded our partnership with A to Z in East Africa, and by 2010, Olyset Net production capacity reached 30 million LLINs per year, creating 8,000 jobs; more than half of the global Olyset Net output and an outstanding contribution to the local economy.

Sumitomo Chemical adheres to the belief that to be sustainable, bednet production must be localized in Africa. Local production in Africa provides a vital public health product and simultaneously boosts economic development beyond aid and towards self-sustaining enterprise.

For an analysis of the economic impact of the Olyset Net production facilities in Arusha, please see the study by the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies here.