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SumiShield 50WG

SumiShield™ 50WG is an Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) that offers a breakthrough for insecticide resistance management by introducing a new mode of action (MOA) active ingredient for vector control use. SumiShield 50WG provides excellent control of malaria transmitting mosquitoes, benefiting from a non-repellent formulation, low toxicity, ease of use and transportation.

The Need For A New Mode Of Action Ingredient For IRS

Managing resistance to insecticides is one of the major issues facing the global fight against malaria. Resistance to at least one insecticide has been identified in over 75% of countries with on-going malaria transmission. The effectiveness of IRS is under threat due to the spread of pyrethroid resistance and the difficulty many countries find in rotating the class of insecticides they use year upon year, largely due to a lack of choice.

Product Information

SumiShield 50WG is based on the neonicotinoid insecticide clothianidin. This is the first new MOA chemistry to be introduced to the vector control market in nearly 40 years. Following positive independent laboratory and field trials, SumiShield 50WG is currently undergoing evaluation and recommendation by the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES). Due to the urgent need for new tools to fight resistance, Sumitomo Chemical has made the product available before this process is completed.

Extensive data already exists of the environmental and toxicological impact of clothianidin. SumiShield 50WG is odourless and trials show it has low toxicity through skin contact and inhalation and is practically non-toxic to bird and aquatic life.

How It Works

SumiShield’s non-repellent formulation means mosquitoes are exposed to the active ingredient for longer than with some other insecticides, such as pyrethroids and DDT. This means mosquitoes are more likely to die from link exposure as they can intake relatively large amounts of insecticide while resting on treated substrates. This increases effectiveness and reduces the opportunity for resistance to develop.

How To Use SumiShield 50WG

SumiShield 50WG can be sprayed to the inside of houses and residences on walls and other surfaces that serve as a resting place for mosquitoes. Delivered in small, easy to handle sachets, the product readily dissolves in water, with only one sachet required per tank, making transport simple.

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SumiShield 50WG
Technical Brochure

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For more information on insecticide resistance please visit the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee's (IRAC) guidance on ‘Prevention and Management of Insecticide Resistance In Vectors of Public Health Importance’


Key Facts: 
  • New active ingredient in IRS and Public Health applications
  • At least 7 months duration of activity under field conditions
  • New mode of action – A breakthrough for resistance management
  • Non-repellent formulation, increases exposure of mosquitoes to the active ingredient
  • Submitted to WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES)
  • Mortality rates which increase over time post exposure
  • Low mammalian toxicity
  • Odourless
  • Readily dilutes in water
  • Small easy to handle sachets
  • Easy to transport - one sachet per tank, up to 50 sachets per carton