Field Data/Biological

Wash Proof Tests on Olyset Nets

Olyset Nets have passed the >20 washes test required by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to be designated an LLIN:

Ref : Jeyalakshmi .J. & Rhanmugasundaram R., International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology, Tamilnadu, India

Biological Tests on Olyset Nets

Field tests have estimated that Olyset Nets are guaranteed for at least five years. Nets in Tanzania were tested after seven years of normal use in the field and still contained significant levels of permethrin, with contact tests causing an average of 92% mosquito knockdown. 

Ref : Tami et al., Malaria Journal 2004, 3:19

Impact of Olyset Nets on Vectors

Human bait catches of mosquitoes over five months in two villages that had Olyset Nets showed dramatic reductions in the numbers of mosquitoes caught.

Ref :Chheang & Sandy., National Malaria Centre, Cambodia, 1994

Impact of Olyset Net on Disease

Olyset Net is proven to significantly reduce the cases of malaria and other insect-born diseases. A trial in Cambodia showed enormous reductions in all three measures of malaria between July-December 1993 and July-December 1994.

In Tanzania, a trial comparing one year pre-intervention and one year post-intervention using Olyset Nets in three villages reduced malaria parasite rates (APR) by ~80% and parasite densities (MPD) by ~40% in blood samples taken from children aged 0-9 years.

Ref : Chheang & Sandy., National Malaria Centre, Cambodia, 1994