Distribution of pyrethroid resistance in Africa using data collected between 2000 to 2010

Due to the excellent results from LLIN campaigns the adoption of pyrethroid treated nets as a key intervention in the battle against malaria has reached new heights. In many endemic countries, usage had reached 80% by 2011. Yet the pressure of using a single class of insecticides, pyrethroids, in all LNs as well as for Indoor Residual Spraying and agriculture has resulted in insecticide resistance in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa.

Pyrethroid Resistance
Reference: Ranson et al, Trends in Parasitology, Feb 2011, Vol 27, No.2 

Olyset Plus is the first and only net on the market to incorporate PBO into every fibre and all surfaces of the net, providing enhanced knockdown and kill against pyrethroid-resistant mosquitoes.