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Efficacy of Olyset Plus, a new long lasting insecticidal net incorporating permethrin and piperonyl butoxide against multi-resistant malaria vectors

Pennetier C, Bouraima A, Chnadre F, Piameu M, Etang J, Rossignol M, Sidick I, Zogo B, Lacroix MN, Yadav R, Pigeon O, Corbel V

Due to the rapid extension of pyrethroid resistance in malaria vectors worldwide, manufacturers are developing new vector control tools including insecticide mixtures containing at least two active ingredients with different modes of action as part of resistance management. Olyset Plus is a new long lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) incorporating permethrin and a synergist, piperonyl butoxide (PBO) into its fibres in order to counteract metabolic based pyrethroid resistance of mosquitoes. In this study we evaluated the efficacy of Olyset Plus both in laboratory and field against susceptble and multi resistanct malaria vectors and compared with Olyset Net which is a permethrin incorporated into polyethylene net.

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Evaluation of the Efficacy of Olyset® Plus in a Village-Based Cohort Study in the Cukurova Plain, Turkey, in an Area of Hyperendemic Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Filiz Gunay, Mehmet Karakus, Gizem Oguz, Mert Dogan, Yasemen Karakaya, Gokhan Ergan, Sinan Kaynas, Ozge Erisoz Kasap, Yusuf Ozbel and Bulent Alten

The aim of this study was to measure the protective efficacy of Olyset® Plus, a new long-lasting factory-treated insecticidal net (LLIN) incorporated with 2% permethrin and 1% of the synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO), against cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) transmission under field conditions. A village-scale trial, promoting the use of LLIN by the local inhabitants of the study area, was conducted as a pilot study in a new hyperendemic focus of CL caused by a Leishmania infantum/L. donovani hybrid parasite transmitted by proven vector species Phlebotomus tobbi in Cukurova Plain, Adana, Turkey, between May, 2013 and May, 2014

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The impact of pyrethroid resistance on the efficacy and effectiveness of bednets for malaria control in Africa

Thomas S Churcher, Natalie Lissenden, Jamie T Griffin, Eve Worrall, Hilary Ranson

Churcher et al. also show that the combination bednets may provide some additional protection against resistant mosquitoes and reduce the number of malaria infections in some cases. The experiments show a simple test could help health officials determine which type of net would be most beneficial. The experiments and the model Churcher et al. created also may help scientists studying how to prevent increased spread of malaria in communities where mosquitoes are becoming resistant to insecticide-treated nets.

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Evaluation of Olyset® Plus, a permethrin long-lasting insecticidal mosquito net against susceptible malaria vector populations in experiment huts (Phase II trial) in Odisha, East-central India

K. Gunasekaran, S. S. Sahu, T. Vijayakumar, K. Vaidyanathan, P. Jambulingam

Olyset® Plus is a new generation long-lasting insecticidal net that incorporates two active ingredients, the pyrethroid insecticide permethrin and the oxidase synergist piperonyl butoxide. Mixture nets such as this may have application against resistant mosquitoes, particularly those whose resistance is based on oxidative metabolism. There may also be enhanced activity against susceptible mosquitoes since mixed function oxidases are involved in many metabolic activities including activation of many substances to form their bio-active compounds, and hence evaluation was done against a conventional permethrin treated ITN as well as Olyset Net LN. Olyset Plus LN was made available by the WHOPES for Phase II evaluation.

The efficacy of Olyset Plus LN was evaluated in experimental huts against a wild, free flying susceptible population of Anopheles fluviatilis sensu lato in terms of mortality, deterrence, blood-feeding inhibition and induced exophily in Odisha state, East-central India following the WHO guidelines.

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